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Janine Sturdavant – Alewife

Charlie Sturdavant – Brewmaster

Derek Sturdavant – Head Brewer and Mad Scientist

Jon Burks – Assistant Brewer

Tamara Sturdavant – Alewife-in-training

Marjie Regoord – Bartender

“Mad” Molly Kinghorn – Bartender

Bryan Clark– Wholesale Distribution Manager

Porter and Luke – Dishwashers

Mark Hartmeister – Supply Master

Zach Mulholland – Homemade Soda Engineer

Max Mulholland – Mr. Fix-It

Michael Thompson – Webmaster

Contact Us

We are located at

9201/2 12th Street
Golden, CO 80401

E-mail: moc.y1539662681rewer1539662681bcg@o1539662681fni1539662681

Phone: (303) 279-8092
Fax: (303) 279-8092

Enjoying our amazing beers in our patio is one of the best things to do on a bright, sunny day!

Be sure to visit the other brewery in Golden, located just 4 blocks east of us!