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An award-winning English Northern Brown Ale inspired by the infamous brewery wench, Mad Molly. You'd be made too if you served ale all day without a single drop for yourself. Hence the origin of the age-old adage: "Tip your wench well, lest she go mad. For rest nor ale has the sweet girl had." Molly's Brown is light and malty with a nice chocolate quality. Handcrafted at the second largest brewery in Golden.
Potable proof that change is good. India Pale Ale (IPA) was originally a variation of English Style Pale Ale. Its stronger, hoppier character was designed to survive the arduous overseas journey from Britain to its colonies in India. Today, just for fun, American brewers continue to alter the formula and produce bigger, even hoppier renditions like smooth, aromatic Evolution IPA. Handcrafted at the second largest brewery in Golden.
Used by Chief Colorow and his tribe as a lookout point, Lookout Mountain has long provided an impressive scenic vista. Its namesake, a velvety smooth oatmeal stout, may be found in a brewery comfortably nestled at the base of the foothill. Which might explain why the locals think the view from the bottom is every bit as good. Lookout Stout is only handcrafted at the second largest brewery in Golden.
In the mining camp of Golden City, fifty-nin ers panned Clear Creek for a taste of good fortune. Today, the mother lode can be found as near as the settlement of Golden City Brewery. Here, Clear Creek Gold can always be found in a glass, if not a pan. This award-winning, traditional German Kolschbier is hopped with Czech Saaz for a pleasant floral finish. Handcrafted at the second largest brewery in Golden.
Legend tells of a land dominated by a giant, and in need of a true champion. A red-haired knight rose to the challenge, and faced great peril for the freedom of his people. To honor his illustrious valor and victories, a red ale was crafted. Its award-winning flavor is derived from a large portion of Munich malt, a touch of crystal malts and just a pinch of black malt. A healthy dose of German hops balances this Altbier of epic proportions. Handcrafted at the second largest brewery in Golden.