Second Largest Brewery in Golden

We’ve been serving excellent beer in Golden for more than 25 years now, but that’s not the full extent of the story. By popular demand, we’ve added wines and cider, also made right here on the premises.

If stopping by for a drink is an attractive idea, then pairing that beer, wine, or cider with an ever changing selection from some of the finest food trucks in the Rocky Mountain West should make it even better. Stop by and check us out today!

Our Beer Garden is second to none

It’s not just the marvelous view. Golden is an outdoor community, and we support those values. Come join friends around the fire when the weather’s cool, or under our umbrella shelters when it’s hot. Enjoy our outstanding beverages, chatting and singing, and there’s almost always somebody up for a game of cribbage. It’s an experience you’ll learn to value.

Golden City Brewery | 912 1/2 Twelfth Street | Golden, CO 80401 | 303-279-8092